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My name is Gowri, I am a second semester senior whose Internet addiction and love for art and costume design led her to the online to the world of blogging. I like to art and craft.

In an attempt to motivate myself to finish all of the million projects that I start but never finish, I created this blog. Beeja is the Sanskrit word for seed, usually used as a metaphor as the beginning of creation. I joined the DIY community just as the world of new media was beginning to explode and found the creative expression of art and sewing and crafts exhilarating. I loved this idea of self reliance and self expression to combat many of the problems of modern consumerist society. This idea of not buying new clothes but using what you have to make new ones, or using your clothes to tell your story as a costume designer does. The idea of boycotting sweatshops and homogenizing clothing stores to see beauty in the world as the infinite possibilities of individualism. Ranty rant, social justicey, etc., etc.

So this blog is all the things that inspire me, from possible project ideas to finished projects to amazing artwork. I hope it helps you find inspiration for your next project!

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Art Portfolio: gowrisunder.carbonmade.com

Tumblr: http://little-beeja.tumblr.com/

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thadia8/

Email for questions, commissions, etc: gowri.sunder08@gmail.com

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