Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Free People Inspired Cold Shoulder Dress

After a looong hiatus for college apps I decided that, with my newfound free time, I would actually make my dress for senior prom. Despite the fact it is both terrifying and very tempting to buy a dress...I want bragging rights maybe? Basically.

I did a prom round up in the past, but these are going to be more project specific... and hopefully they'll be more helpful too.

So while I prepare myself for the *agony* of dress making, I've been doing some research to get started and decide which one to go through with. First thought was an off the shoulder dress like these that cost $380- 608 from free people. 

Or the red dress from the Summertime Sadness music video... for y'all Lana del Rey fans.

I think that it wouldn't be too hard to kind of simplify these by using this tutorial for the top part (ignoring the shorts part), but extending the length of the top to a maxi dress length.

That would presumably make the basic structure of the dress. Then you could use elastic or a belt to cinch the waist and sleeves (if you'd like). For fabric chiffon, lace, and/or jersey were my first thoughts, but I think anything with a good drape would work. Play with adding a slit, different neckline/sleeves, and maybe even fabric paint...

OR you could leave it relatively simple and add a chunky necklace and cool earrings to make it more interesting. Or maybe like a hair fascinator or something. Be creative!