Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easy shirt dress DIY

If you find a shirt large enough, that's in good condition and (especially if you're worried about making mistakes) inexpensive/free, you could cut the sleeves to desired length, hem it, and use excess fabric to make a belt. Or just use a belt you already have.

If you need to, you could pinch and pin to a better fit around the sleeves and side seams. Pinch and pin darts if you need to as well... It's about making it having a fit that you like, so you would have to play around with it. But then, my friends, you would have this shirt dress.

If it's a bit to short for your comfort, it would look cute with leggings or jeans too
And-- to add the awesomeness-- it's sweatshop-free

** An update, I realized that not everyone knows what pinching and pinning is, so here is the video I used to learn how to tailor shirts. 

Dresses and pictures from here and here

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