Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preview: Denim Patch Vest DIY

I've been gone for ages because the end of last school year was crazy.. But hey, I've started a new project... and it's surprisingly easy!

I love vests and am really starting to love the look of mixing denims... Inspired by various projects found on Pinterest and the interwebs, I chopped up two damaged/painted on pants (with holes in rather embarrassing places) and meddled with them to fit the pattern of a vest I already had.

I still need to play with other details, so that will be a surprise for all of us

Until then, here are more looks/projects with denim:

HonestlyWTF roundup of patchwork denim

American flag, "punk rock" vest from men's jacket

This roundup of INCREDIBLE, creative projects with denim

20 Amazing DIY Denim Ideas

Mr Kate has a about 5 or 6 videos on creating awesome shorts like this...

...Plus a very fun tutorial on a floral vest!

A Pair and a Spare has an excellent tutorial on making these awesome shorts:

And a rad denim cuff tutorial 

And this one too!