Saturday, August 24, 2013

DIY Snake fingerless gloves

My brother was going to one of those role play, murder mystery game party things and his character was supposed to be Dr. S, a businessman with an unhealthy obsession with snakes... And, as my bro had nothing to wear that resembled snakes, he enlisted my help and we went out and bought a) a Nerf gun, just for funsies b) a rubber snake toy to wear around his neck and c) T shirts with which to make these:

I just traced around his hand/arm and added about a quarter of an inch or so all the way around and cut through 2 layers of T shirt. The eyes, scale things, and tongue I hand sewed on. If you need a visual:

It would have been a bit easier if I had sewed the features on then sewed the side seams, but all in all they turned out pretty cool... Considering I finished them in two hours (guys I take forever to hand sew anything)

Inspired by these from Etsy

Fingerless Gloves for ADULTS - Snakes (Ladies or Mens size S - XL) - Fleece Hand  / Wrist  / Arm  / Fingerless Mittens / Costume

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