Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best party dress how to videos

So I think it's pretty much a fact that making your dress is the cheapest thing to do-- unless you buy it from a thrift store or get it free as a gift or something which is awesome
But these are some of the videos I think are the best (and easiest for those w/out real training) on the youtubes... hopefully it will be helpful to y'all:

7iggy is a channel that has a bunch of videos, but here's a few

Threadbanger, because seriously they started all of this sweet, sweet madness

*Note: video has three parts, this is the first, but you can find them on her channel or on related videos

** giannyl has a TON of really simple tutorials (I've referenced them on previous blog posts) so check it out! I just put a few of them, but trust me the rest of her videos are worth checking out (dont forget to click read more because, surprise, there's more videos!)

Pschh I can make that on youtube has a great series on making affordable clothing from thrift store finds, here's my favorites:

Zephyrgrahamparis videos aren't as easy (she does not explain pattern making in detail), but they're good for inspiration and..well...a challenge. 

** also know that there a TON of good videos and blogs on sewing basics so if you need help the interweb is a great place to look for it 
Happy sewing and/or tearing your hair out (if you're anything like me haha)

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