Saturday, February 2, 2013

50's prom!

[or insert other occasions of fun colorful formal wear]
Even though they are way out of my, and most prom goer's price range, I think they're still fun to oogle at because they're so girly and fun.. I'll probably do another post with more affordable fancy dress inspiration/possibilities.
Vintage 1950's Dress - FANTASTIC Tea Length Coffee Cream Party Prom Gown w/ Lace - sz S/M
vintage 1950s dress / 50s dress / Yellow Organza Embroidered Garden Path Tea Party Dressvintage 1950s dress / 50s tulle lace prom dress / 1950s XS cupcake party dress
Vintage 1950s Formal Gown - 50s Two Tone Turquoise Tulle Dress - Enchantment Under the Sea Vintage 1950's 50s STRAPLESS Emma Domb Pink Ivory Tulle Embroidered Lace Party Prom Wedding DRESS  1950s Party Dress / 50s Red Lace Dress Vintage 1950s Dress . Nude Tulle . Mocha . Gold . Embroidery . Strapless . XS S . 1776

1950s Hand Decorated Strapless Tulle Party Dress -  Pleated Bodice - Layered - New Years Sparkle
Links to the dresses (if you have several hundreds of dollars to spare haha):
Pink fluffy
Layered Peach
Yellow Floral
Lavender lacy
Teal and Pink
Pink lacy
Reddish lace
Cream and Rust
Green Sparkly

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